brand identity, stationery, brochures, leaflets, packaging, web design, web banners, social media ads, outdoor advertising, ai fashion portraits, concepts for game characters / assets, industrial design concepts, car concept models.

CLIENTS UC Berkeley . USC University of Southern California . UNSW The University of New South Wales . DEKRA (Agentia de Marketing) . TV5 Monde (Egmont) . French Democratic Confederation of Labour (Inspheris) . Bahá'í International Community . Matis (Egmont) . Safo Group . Voice Team USA . CDA Center for Disease Analysis . FIRN Australia's Global Finance Research Network . Reid Cycles . Riks Teatret  (Egmont) . Auto Motor si Sport (Agentia de Marketing) . Pensionskraft . INVO Career College . Fornaro Financial Group . Burrows Law . Sampano . Digital Research Technology . Bernoty Architects . Ponte Partners . JCM Foundation . Inlingua Vancouver .  Honokage Plastic Industrial Co . Ortomotion . Dradara Mocrea (Neoevents) . Naidu Legal . Bauwerk Wohnbau (Stark) . Folkvang AG . State Career College . Vigie . Nova Plastic Surgery

LATEST WORK AI Concept Cars Racing Game AICARS.PRO is a racing game developed by bluefiremark studio that equitably shares the main profits among players, NFT collectors and content creators through AIC airdrops. The estimated release date is set for late 2024 / early 2025.



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